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T-BOB all-in-one trailer Tail Light Tester

Towing of trailers is a common occurrence and it is required by law that the tow-vehicles tail light indicators are replicated to trailers.
Tail light signals are transmitted to trailers by means of a plug and socket system connected together with individual wires.
Although wiring standards exists, it is often the case that the wiring between tow-vehicle and trailer is incompatible. In some instances this results in blown fuses and even damage to wiring and circuitry.
Occasionally problems occur when the trailer is unhitched and you forget to unplug the tail light cable. This normally results in having to re-wire some or all the wires in the trailer socket. In these instances trying to do repairs without a proper wiring diagram or tools is tricky.
The most common problem with trailer wiring is bad grounding or bad connections. In these instances symptoms vary from all lights dipping when an indicator is activated, the wrong light is activated at the wrong time, up to a situation where single or no lights are working at all.
The biggest frustration of trailer tail light fault finding and repairing trailer tail light connections is that these situations normally occur in the most awkward circumstances and more often when there is no assistance available to help solve the problem.
With the T-BOB kit everything is taken care of for you do your tail light testing singlehandedly.

T-BOB Functions

  • Test Tow-Vehicle tail light operation.
  • Test Trailer tail light operation.
  • Test Trailer tail lights independent of Tow-Vehicle.
  • Isolate Tow-Vehicle connections from Trailer connections.
  • T-BOB gives mechanical access to each tail light circuit separately.
  • With T-BOB you could do advanced tail light wiring fault finding.
  • Conforms to ISO 1724, 7 pole 12 Volt specification.
  • Other ISO wiring configurations are available upon request.

T-BOB Trailer Tail light Testing

  • T-BOB helps you to identify problems in your tow-vehicle tail light wiring.
  • T-BOB helps you to identify problems in your trailer tail light wiring.
  • T-BOB tests Left Indicator, Right Indicator, Park Lights, and Brake Lights independently.
  • T-BOB helps to identify incorrect tail light wiring before making the trailer connection.
  • T-BOB LED indicators shows each tail light individually.


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